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Here, you will find the description and the files for the Doom3 mod called Double. I made this mod for the Doom3 fans who want to play with more realism in the weapons and visual effects without cheating.

This mod makes the game more nervous and stressful, by adding lots of new features. There is no place for beginner, the default parameters makes the game as hard as possible without to be impossible to play. The continous spawn monster feature does not allow relax time and you must always run and kill to survive because the monsters never appear at the same place. This mod is a good challenge for all elite player for single and multiplayer game.
All the features are done to make the game more tense and more scary, just to taste the strongest adrenalin ecstasy moment during playing.
Of course, for trainning, the parameter values can be changed to play this mod easier, making it completely customizable.

Mausus Atlas, a Doom3 fan.


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Mausus Atlas, a Doom3 fan.


Double is a mod for Doom3.

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Mausus Atlas, a Doom3 fan.


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