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Here, you will find the description and the files for the Hellgate London mod called Skill Masters. I made this mod for the Hellgate London fans who want to play without limitations about the skills.

This mod give you the ability to access to all of the skills of all classes from the beginning of the game. There is no level or previous skills required.
The game play is changed and allows you now to makes new templates for your characters without waiting the level thirty and without spending lots of skill points to access high end level skills. But keep in mind that the power of all skills is function of the level of the character and of the number of the skill points to avoid too powerfull skills at first level.

Mausus Atlas, a Hellgate London fan.


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Mausus Atlas, a Hellgate London fan.


Skill Masters is a mod for Hellgate London.

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Mausus Atlas, a Hellgate London fan.